Support Ride to Awareness

     Ride To Awareness is a 3,000 mile journey being undertaken by brave and committed individuals to bring your awareness to mental illness. It’s not something we want to think about. It’s not something we want to talk about. But, it’s something we have got to do something about.

     When I read about how many of our country’s veteran’s commit suicide every day, I knew I couldn’t be silent about it anymore. Here are a few more chilling statistics.

     As of 2008, of the almost 1.7 million veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, approximately 300,000 suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression. That’s 18%! Over half of these weren’t getting the treatment they needed because they had slipped through the cracks. Many didn’t seek help because they feared a diagnosis of mental illness would hurt their careers with the military.

     These terrible circumstances are not isolated to veterans of war. Civilians suffer major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, and even PTSD, in addition to many other illnesses. And, it’s more prevalent than you think.

     Chances are, you know someone with a mental illness. You may not even know that they are ill. Mental illnesses are treatable conditions, just like other medical conditions. Many people can recover and lead perfectly normal lives. With the proper treatment plan, many who cannot completely recover, can also live essentially normal lives. They go to work, fix dinner, and get the oil changed in the car. They just may need a few concessions, like a 30 minute nap after work, someone else do the clean-up after dinner, or any number of little things to take the stress off so they can continue to function.

     Next to their illness, the biggest problem people with a mental disorder face is stigma. They get labeled, rejected, and dismissed. Even their families can’t or won’t understand their illnesses. They live in fear, like the veterans I spoke about, of people finding out about their mental health diagnosis. They fear losing their children, losing their jobs, and becoming a castaway in their own lives. Sadly, these fears are not unrealistic.

     Support Ride to Awareness and bring these facts to light. Help others learn about mental illness so they can become part of the answer that so many have been searching for. Join the heroes who will be riding 3,000 miles from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL beginning September 14, 2015 through November 15, 2015. Donate to the cause to bring awareness to mental illness.


Thanks for your support!


The NBA2K15 Video Game Tournament event we held Saturday, March 14 was a great success. The turnout was much bigger than expected. All the boys and the officers had a great time together. This is just one prime example of how we can come together as a community in a positive and uplifting way. Men2Boys Mentoring is dedicated to helping those boys who have no positive male role model in their lives. Fatherlessness is responsible for more tragedy among young people than you know.


• Fatherless children are 4 times more likely to live in poverty

• Fatherless children are much more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol

• Fatherless children are over 2 times as likely to commit suicide

• 71% of all high school drop outs are fatherless children

• Fatherless children suffer increased aggression and delinquency1


It is my fervent hope that events like the NBA2K15 Video Game Tournament will raise community awareness of the need for action. Men2Boys Mentoring will continue to work hard to help our young boys steer clear of the pitfalls of fatherlessness. Thank you for your support!

“The Consequences of Fatherlessness.” National Center for Fathering. 20 Mar. 2015. 2015 <;.

Men2Boys takes on the Margate Police Department Saturday!!

     As many of you know, I have been working mentoring boys for some years now. I support and work with a group called Men2Boys, run by its founder, Rick Dunn. Rick had a vision to help fatherless boys, so in 2010, he established Men2Boys as a mentoring program for young boys with no father figures in their lives.

     You may not know this, but according to the U.S. Department of Health, 63% of all suicides among young people are a direct result of fatherless homes. You can just imagine some of the other problems these kids face: alcohol, drugs, sex too young, emotional problems, and running away, only to become homeless. Programs like Rick’s are more important now than ever before with fully one third (15 Million) children growing up without a father in the US. And those are figures from the 2010 census. (Anderson)  You can bet it hasn’t gotten better.

     Men2Boys has held a number of events to help keep these boys engaged in positive experiences. One very successful event was the entrepreneurship program.  This allowed the boys to learn about business from the inside out. The developed their own business ideas, business plan, financing, marketing and operations.

     Here’s an example of how Dunn thinks outside the box. He held a discussion with the boys after they had run their virtual business. No, it wasn’t on how to make more money, or how to invest, though these are valid topics. It was on how to handle success once you have achieved it. Success can come fast, or it can come slowly, but what you do with it once you have it says a lot about who you are. I’m sure you can imagine that this was a lively discussion.

Men2Boys also operates under the belief that

Education + an Information Resource = Success

     They offer SAT and ACT prep courses to the 11th and 12th graders and soon also to the 9th and 10th graders as well. Men2Boys is about more than just getting the boys together with someone to talk to or play ball with. It’s about learning, growing, and finding that balance the kids need so much right now.

     Last year they held a Choices and Decisions seminar for the boys. It was a roundtable discussion about the real problems the boys faced every day. It was also a discussion about consequences and responsibilities. These boys face hard choices every day and this kind of candid Q and A can be very helpful to them.

     Now, Men2Boys is hosting a very ambitious event called the NBA2K15 Video Game Tournament.  It is co-sponsored by Men2Boys Group Mentoring and the Margate Police Department. The boys will be going head to head against the officers in this exciting match.

     I feel this is a golden opportunity to heal some of the wounds that have been aggravated by all the bad press lately about police officers. While these acts are certainly atrocious and not to be tolerated, we have to be mindful of the fact that this is a minority of people who are committing these acts. I truly believe that most police officers are good, honest people.

     I know you’re saying, I’ve been hassled just because of a stereotype. Well, I have too. But, I’ve had many more positive experiences than bad. I don’t think we should put a stereotype on the police any more than they should put any on the citizens.  If we start this, it just becomes a vicious cycle, and nobody wins. Don’t forget, there are policeman out there of all races, faiths, and backgrounds. We just can’t lump them all together, just like they can’t lump us all together.

     Come out and support the boys this weekend, Saturday, March 15, 2015 at the Firefighter’s Park in Margate from Noon to 4:00PM.

     I’ll leave you with Rick Dunn’s formula for success in mentoring: “Each one, Reach one.” You can visit the Men2Boys website at

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Minimum Wage Thinkers!


It pains me to watch young males these days, 19 to 23 years old, struggling to find a minimum wage job. Then there are some that have one but are complaining about being unhappy with it and want to, believe it or not, find a NEW one!

Thirty-five years ago when I was their age I HAD a minimum wage job, but oh were things so different then. This is why I can see the problems they are facing so clearly. The difference between the minimum wage employment today as opposed to thirty-five years ago is a result of a lack of medium wage jobs. This lack of medium wage jobs are forcing older individuals to apply for and compete with younger people for minimum wage employment.  Thirty-five years ago when minimum wage jobs were considered Starter Jobs for young junior-adults (as I like to call them) there were more available. The unemployment rate in 1978 was 6.1% (in 1979 it dropped to 5.8%)[1] , today it’s 7.4% and just coming down from an average of 8.7% over the last five years.

But instead of getting into a discussion about today’s economy I prefer to discuss my thoughts on how to encourage our young males to recognized their alternatives instead. I prefer to discourage our young males from becoming MINIMUM WAGE THINKERS! Our young males need to understand that our society has changed in a lot of positive ways as well that benefit them greatly. Ways that were not available thirty-five years ago. Mainly Starter Businesses, Starter Businesses have replaced Starter Jobs in 2014 and we have to get our young people to understand and be aware of this. Starting a small business is so much easier these days because of technology advances, mainly the internet and the explosion of social media. Young people have to recognize they own the internet, yeah we older people know how to use it but we didn’t grow up with it. We weren’t using it in high school, even middle and junior high school like they were (and are). They owner the internet and they REALLY own Social Media (facebook, twitter, youtube, emails, Instagram, flickr, etc). Young people needs to be taught, motivated, encouraged and downright knocked over the head about this advantage they have at their fingertips. Starter Businesses are their answer to adult income and adult lifestyles.

It’s difficult for the last true generation that was brought up in the “Jobs” world to know how to teach, motivate and encourage the first new generation to shift to the “own your own business” world! These parents could use (in most cases, definitely need) some help doing this. Men2Boys sees this need, we want to be out front on this issue. We want to be that organization talking about this shift in mindset, and we also want to be out front providing information and training for our young males. “Information changes Situations” and we need to change our young males from being Minimum Wage Thinkers!

[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics

National Mentoring Month!!

Anytime is a good time to make a difference.   Mentoring is not only a gift, it’s a responsibility very few of us are willing to take part in.

absoloot_logo1January has become one of my favorite times of year due to the support and recognition given to mentors all over this great country.  As of 2002, January has been officially recognized as National Mentoring Month honoring all the leaders dedicated to changing children’s lives for the better.  The importance of mentor-ship is unmistakably visible in the youth growing up in our world today.  Paying it forward is something I’ve always stood by.  Whenever I have an opportunity to empower young kids or help them pursue their dreams, I always make an effort to build relationships with them.

I appreciate the Men2boys mentoring group that I partner with for not only their dedication to our young men today, but the valuable lessons, direction and encouragement provided to each child we come in contact with.  Men2boys’ impact on our community can be seen in several ways we strive to increase confidence in young men.  We help them gain the necessary leadership skills needed to succeed in life and most importantly help them achieve their goals in education.  I’m proud to be a part of such an important group of people and I encourage you to help me spread the word to anyone you know who needs a mentor in their life or mentors willing to join our pursuit for a better community.

Saturday January 18th I’m personally inviting you to the famous studio 510 located in Sunrise,FL to an event dedicated to our Men2boys program and its mentors.  The event will take place

between 1-5 so be sure to be on time we’ll have great speakers, success stories and so much more. The value of this program is tremendous and could only get bigger with your support.

Much Love hope to see you there,


Keem Artist Spotlight

The Word Driven is one word to best describe Keem a young man who has a drive, and a passion for greatness.
Born in Miami FL, raised in a below average single parent home along with his three brothers and sister. Ex college student/athlete with a dream to one day make it to the NFL. Unfortunately while in college Keem found a new passion, a passion so strong that he left the Game, the only Game he spent half his life Playing. The passion that overshadowed what once was his dream was the Passion For Music. As Keem got more into the studies of music, he felt as if he had something to offer the world. He Felt as if the world was missing a piece in Music, and he was the Missing piece. The World needs me! I was called to do this [Quote From Keem] if i wasn’t I wouldn’t have given up on my dreams. There are people in this world that need to hear whats on my heart. I Make Freedom Music! The World is a Cold Place & I know there’s people out there being held captive, held Hostage by the unnecessary weight of the world. I’m the new Era, The Misfit in the Game, the comfort that the world needs, The TRUTH. So come taste this if you believe its Great. Keem is a Firm Believer he also has a Deep Passion for Christ. His style is unique, Content is Clean. he’s producing to change the game. But are you Supporting ? Follow his Instagram @HCGKeem Twitter @HCGKeem & Facebook @HCGKeem. Come Taste this to see if its Great as Keem Would Say! Lets Really Change the World.  

Facebook keeps track of every message you type – even ones you don’t post


Every social network user has at some point typed something they knew they’d regret sharing and has promptly erased it before clicking “post.” However, Slate’s Jennifer Golbeck reports that these discarded thoughts don’t completely disappear — rather, Facebook uses a code that keeps track of every time you delete a would-be message and sends metadata about that message back to its own data bases.

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